Musette Caffe

You would think that is fiction but the truth is stranger than fiction.


The most recent incident at Musette Caffe in Vancouver is shocking and appalling.

A middle-eastern man who was a paying customer and who spent several hundreds of dollars in the past.  All the staff considered him very professional and very polite and very generous.

 However recently Thomas Eleizegui hired a hostile white female who did treated a middle-eastern man, with hostility.  He put up with it for weeks.  However one day she had her white hostile friends walk in and attack his personality which I am sure any educated member of the public would find outrageous, especially when that customer has spent 100s’ of dollars.

However Thomas Eleizegui the owner of Musette Caffe instead of taking the side of the middle-eastern man supported the hostile white haters.  He asked the middle eastern man not to come to his cafe.

Then several months of thinking about this. it is reasonable to conclude that my race is variable. Even if there was an appearance of racial prejudice or bullying then it would be wrong.

What is most egregious is when one told Thomas Eleizegui that the middle-eastern man would file complaint on social media and go public with the incident Thomas Eleizegui throated the middle-eastern man saying that Thomas Eleizegui had a police officer who is his friend and that he would get charge the middle-eastern man.  Please read:  Thomas Eleizegui stated that his friend will help him file charges for harassment and blackmail.

Please join us in seeking justice by not giving your business to Musette Caffe in Vancouver.  Justice for one is justice for all.

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