JJBean Cafe Review

I am sure you’ll agree that no one likes songs that say
“take me home with the girls are pretty”
and songs promoting drug use and violence.  Several years ago many were offended at the violent songs that JJ Bean plays. We called management and they said it will not happen again; however we came back to the Davie Street location and they still play violent offense music.  I spoke to the manager who has tattoos and he likes songs that say
“take me home with the girls are pretty”
Please join us in boycotting JJbean café and promote professionalism and decency.

That is just the iceburg. He is friends with another manager who runs a café, which I complained about their violent music. The owner gave me a 20 dollar gift card but the man I complained on started harassing and stocking me. He is friends with Jonnas. Today when I spoke to Jonnas and shared my concern in a professional and polite manner he screamed at me and told me that I was banned. He had no problem taking my money in May and June, but when I made a complaint, he became very hostile. 

Instead of Jonnas today apologizing for the bad experience he became hostile and even mentioned that I have filed a complaint on his friend in the past. Then Jonnas hung up in my face. Jonnas is aware that I have spent hundreds of dollars at his location and tipped close to 100 dollars.

Thank you for reading my JJ Bean Review


We wrote to John Neate, who is CEO of JJ Bean and his response was extremely disgraceful and clearly stated that he supports
1) the song: “take me homes where the girls are pretty”
2) supports the unprofessional and mean-spirted actions of Jonnas who hung up in my face and screamed at me saying “you are banned” after I called him to speak to him about my customer complaint
3) supported the refusing a refund of 5 dollars for a lattee I had after the above incident.
4) John Neate replied to a customer complaint stating that he did admit that he happily took my money for several months but does support the above 3 points
5) Not only did John Neate support the above 4 points but after happily taking several hundreds of dollars from me, John Neate asked me to not return to his coffee shops after filing a complaint regarding a song that states “take me homes where the girls are pretty” and you also threatened me
John Neate claims to be a Christian

Dear Friends in Christ. I have been a christian for years and work with the homeless. However recently I saw an article in Light Magazine interviewing John Neate who is the founder of JJ Bean Coffee shops. Here is the article


However. Recently I filed a complaint because JJbean plays music from singers who have offended many. Such as Guns and Roses. However when I filed a complaint on a song that JJbean played which says: “take me homes where the girls are pretty” by Guns and Roses. John Neate not only supported the song but banned me from being a customer in the future. Not even a pagan would do that. Let alone a Christian. Could be that John Neate just wants the business from Christians?

IF some of you are not aware of Guns and Roses. They have been offending 1000’s in the past. Not only Christians but the general public.

In 2012 they caused outrage over Guns N’ Roses promotional poster depicting woman who has been raped on a sidewalk

Then regarding their album: The graphic used for the ads was actually a toned down version of the cover for their ‘Appetite for Destruction’ album, which showed an unconscious woman with an exposed breast and her underwear pulled down.

So I ask you not to be a lukewarm christian. The bible clearly says that Jesus will spit out any lukewarm Christian. Contact john@jjbeancoffee.com and demand that he apologizes for the songs that he supported and demand he apologize and refund the money of the good citizen he banned when that citizen complained. No christian would do that. I pray you take the side of truth and not popularity.