coo coo cafe yaletown
coo coo cafe yaletown
coo coo cafe yaletown
As a good citizen in the community we had to warn the public with a negative Coo Coo Cafe Vancouver review.
coo coo fireplace
coo coo fireplace

On Jan 22 2018 a good citizen went to  Coco Cafe (477 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2G2).  This cafe has a hot burning mobile fireplace on their wooden floor patio.  That mobile fireplace is on wheels. There is no warning signs at all.  Because if one bumped into it or touched it, they can suffer injuries.

On that day the mobile fireplace rolled away a few feet (see picture).  It is a “portable fireplace” which they bought from home depot  There was not a warning sign or any notification that it is DANGEROUSLY hot. And that is not hyperbole.

So I tried to push it back because it was very hot.  It was right next to me.  I was trying to enjoy the 5 dollar latte I just bought.

 Most people have no idea that if someone touches it ANYWHERE they can suffer serious burns.  Of course one knows not to touch the flames.  Also note that this cafe has seniors and children as customers which can be seriously harmed by this device.
 On January 22nd 2018 when it rolled toward me I tried to push it back in its place.  Not just for me, but for any children or seniors who frequently visit the cafe.   Sadly. It was so dangerously hot that I burnt my thumb which caused me second-degree burns.  I had to go to St. Paul’s’ hospital
Before I continue.  The cafe is owned and managed by Michael Hong and his wife. That day his wife was there.  They know that I have spent 100’s of dollars at that cafe.  However when I got burned I did what any citizen would do. I asked Mrs. Hong for help, such has a first-aid kit.  What is most disturbing is that Mrs. Hong said that they don’t have a first aid kit.  I then asked for a cloth, or a wet cloth or some ice.  Mrs Hong refused and told me that I should have not touched the hot mobile fireplace. She would not even stop using her latte machine for one second. She also denied that it rolled away.  Luckily.  A good-samaritan prompted me to take pictures.
Then I went outside took 3 pictures with my good hand, and went to the hospital. You will see the pictures below of what the emergency doctor concluded.  Which were second degree burns.  The doctor also told me to call the city of vancouver regarding this hazard and conduct.
Another customer was there, and became very upset and troubled with the cold and disturbing conduct of Mrs. Hong.
I went to St. Paul’s hospital who took me in immediately. The nurses and Physician were also troubled that the cafe owner would not even give me a wet cloth, or first aid.
St. Paul’s Hospital said I got a second degree burn . Additionally. The pain was extremely intense they gave me codeine and other external medication.
What is extremely horrific is the actions of Michael Hong, the husband of Mrs. Wong.  In the past when I emailed the cafe, I was treated rudely by Mr. Hong who was very hostile, even telling me not to email him, that i dont deserve courtesy or customer service.   The signs of narcissism began with those comments, even after I paid 100’s of dollars in beverages.
But the climax and the ugly truth came out when I emailed Mr. Hong about the the second degree burn.  Instead of Mr. Hong apologizing or offering an explanation, Mr. Hong, threatened me and even attacked me with insults and hateful malice.  Mr. Hong said that he will LIE and state that I assaulted his wife. Even after contacting him 11 months later about the incident Michael Hong become more malicious and psychotic. I guess it will be very difficult for him to lie.  Instead of offering an explanation or an apology, it was just threats and malice.
Proof the Michael Hong is a psychotic.  When he abuses a helper of the homeless
Proof the Michael Hong is a psychotic. When he abuses a helper of the homeless

In conclusion. we need to take action against such a high-flier like Mr. Hong, who is also a real estate agent and has sold several properties in west vancouver, and owns a multimillion dollar home in west vancouver.  He also enjoys skiing in whistler almost daily, which you can see on his instagram page.

I consider him a malicious and psychotic monster who treats  injured victims with such evil.
Secondly.  He promotes this expensive Bulletproof coffee which is butter or oil and coffee.  We have attached a video regarding his bulletproof coffee.