Caffè Artigiano much better than 49th Parallel Coffee

After the horrible experience at 49th Parallel Coffee. We were so happy to give Cafe Artigiano 5 out 5 stars.

Artigiano is Italian for artisan, a person immersed in craft who through practice achieves cafeexcellence using their hands, head and heart in all that they create. At Caffè Artigiano, we have been dedicated to crafting the perfect cup of coffee since opening in 2000. Our Italian-themed coffeehouse and bistro quickly climbed its way to success, gaining a reputation for serving artisan-inspired coffee beverages and delectable foods. We continue to set high standards in the many locations that serve you by embracing innovation while maintaining the traditional Italian persona that has become so comfortable and familiar. This is where Caffè Artigiano started, and this is where it stands today.

They have several locations.  Please visit their website here