Kafka’s Coffee is fantastic

kafkas vancouver

kafkas vancouver

Aaron Kafka likes to educate his customers a little bit every time they visit. “We strive for transparency,” he said. Kafka will tell you the exact location your coffee is from, and will even give you the farmer’s name.

The place opened on Main Street four years ago by Kafka himself, and much of the shop’s interior design reflects his own personal style. The contrast of the chestnut coloured wooden flooring against the white walls brings forth a contemporary feel.

“We focus a lot on art as well,” said Kafka. The coffee house is also an art gallery, featuring different artwork every six weeks. The opening day for the exhibits attract over 100 people on their own. Kafka is a big respecter of art, and his passion extends to the art of coffee.

Owner’s drink of choice: Espresso

Address: 2525 Main Street, Vancouver

Phone: 604-569-2967

Website: www.kafkascoffee.ca