PALLET COFFEE KITSILANO much better than 49th parallel coffee

We are so happy with Vancouver Barista review that we had to repost.  We are so happy that finally we have a better choice than the infamous 49th Parallel cafe.

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
Pallet Coffee’s new Kitsilano café shows an evolution of this East Van roaster. It’s Stop 121 in our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee.

“I’ll never stop.”

-The Rolling Stones (from “Start Me Up”)

Pallet Coffee’s new Kitsilano café just opened, as their third location since this independent launched in 2014.  I recognize this is a turning point, a marker, a beginning of a new era.

Meaning it just goes to show, how remarkable it is that this intelligent East Van roaster has grown up in such a short period. And finally, found its groove in Vancouver’s coffee scene.

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
Pallet Coffee at the corner of West Broadway and Maple Street

In this still-young coffee town, they’ve firmly dug in their heels. So much so, that it’s not surprising anymore when yet another café opens – and announces they’re offering Pallet Coffee.

But they are more than your average roaster. Their bragging rights? We think it’s their reputable hands-on barista training that has become unparalleled in Vancouver.

Think about the last time you went to a café serving their Pallet Coffee. Chances are good you had a properly made drink. It’s no coincidence, they are helping mold a new generation of well-trained baristas that are asserting some surprising confidence.

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
Creative, ample seating options in a bright interior

On Stop 121 of our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee, Pallet Coffee has become a place of well rounded standards. We come here and know what we can expect: freshly made food, strong barista skills and a stylish room.

In fact, if you happen to be a chain addict looking to break the habit and try a local independent, we suggest Pallet Coffee. A fun feature of each of their three locations is that they’re all slightly different in personality.

Take their flagship café and roastery on Semlin Drive: it’s eclectic and cozy with a tiny outdoor deck and second floor seating area. Kinda like hanging out in an adult tree house. The Kingsway location: ultra hip with a lounge-like seating and a dedicated barista counter.

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
A world of coffees to try

And this location? The most modern and spacious member of the family. As we walk up to West Broadway and Maple St, surprised to look up at tall glass windows wrapping a very long and pretty space.

Outside, it’s welcoming and lush with lime green chairs, leafy trees. In a nod to the ubiquitous Kits dog lover, there’s a little pole to tie your leash next to a water bowl.

We step inside. Right away, we notice they’ve repeated a bit of their signature design of wood slats (“pallets”) and dangling light bulbs. But overall, we like how it’s a very clean look that is unquestionably the most different from their previous cafes.

To the left, upholstered benches, simple coffee tables made from wood blocks, two seat tables. There’s a display of brewing products (Chemex, V60, AeroPress) and Pallet branded tees: all locations conveniently have the same selection.

Head to the right. Slightly hidden, a long communal table, high bar stools with creative tables built in to the walls.

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
Pallet’s retail area features Chemex, Hario and AeroPress products

A young woman greets us from behind the counter, friendly. There’s four staff here, including a barista. We get a glimpse of the left side of the counter, which is a spot dedicated to baristas making pour overs.

Their beverage menu and coffee fresh sheet are on the counter. They serve drip, espresso, pour over (Hario V60) and cold brew. Mike orders a pour over ($3.80).

The staffer goes over the fresh sheet and helps him pick from two single origins: Papua New Guinea (sweet green grapes, peanuts, lime, smooth cocoa) or Costa Rica (peach, dried apricot, tropical nuts, juicy finish). Mike hasn’t tried the Papua New Guinea so that’s his choice.

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
Coffee menu and fresh sheet at the counter

I order a latte ($4.15). For espresso, they only list Benchmark (Pallet’s signature blend – sweet cherry, stone fruit, spices, dark cocoa). But the staffer disappears behind the counter then comes back with a bag of Top Shelf that they’re also rotating. It’s a new Colombian-Ethiopian blend (sweet lemonade, peanuts, cocoa) that I decide to try.

This Sunday morning, the selection of baked goods looks smaller than their Kingsway location. To be fair, this is early days since their opening, so maybe they’ll expand later on. There’s loaves, scones and brownies (including vegan and gluten free).

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
Breakfast/lunch/salad menu

We know they serve fresh-to-order food at their other locations, so we ask if they do that here too. She brings out two menus. There’s a Breakfast/Lunch/Salad Menu ($4.5- $10).

And – how nice is this? – there’s a Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich Menu ($8). Every sandwich gets tomatoes and egg. Then you get a choice of each of bread, sauce, cheese, greens, meat and add-ons.

So Mike orders the breakfast sandwich. Another staff person leans over, warning us they don’t have croissants right now. I have a Toasted Granola with yogurt and fruit compote ($6). It’s great that they serve breakfast all day.

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich menu

They’ll bring the food to our table when ready. And they’re on their game: by the time we’ve paid, the barista is already sliding my finished latte across the counter.

The latte art is a neat swan design, which is a nice change from the usual hearts and rosettas. The milk is perfectly heated, frothed thick and sweet. The coffee flavour is on the darker side but smooth. It’s very good.

Mike heads for the communal table but I’m at the side counter to watch the pour over being made. I appreciate how Pallet Coffee is incorporating this dedicated counter space – a smart design element – into their latest cafes. It’s a thoughtful feature that shows their strengths: coffee passion and trained baristas.

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
A swan in espresso

The barista talks about Pallet for a few minutes and she attentively brews the coffee. She is laid back and friendly, which hits the mark with me. That’s what Kits is all about: that’s why this neighbourhood is always a fun place to go.

If you’re here, notice those high end coffee toys here. Check out the massive, built-in mod bar tap that dispenses hot water (into their Hario Buono kettle) at the right temperature for their pour over.

She pours the finished coffee into one of their hip, branded mugs. Like an inky tattoo, it’s a curlicue drawing of a coffee plant. You can find the same design on their tees.

Mike takes a sip and says it’s done well. He describes it as a good light and earthy coffee with some citrusy acidity.

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
Breakfast sandwich

Our food arrives. The sandwich tastes fresh, with not a bit of sogginess. It would have been nice to have the sandwich heated so the bread was warm, cheese melted.

Their toasted granola is delicious. The tangy yogurt: super dense and creamy, not watery. The crunchy granola is perfect with diverse textures and flavours. The blueberry compote is juicy and overall it has a handmade feel.

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
Toasted granola

But did I mention their coolest design feature? As you enter, don’t miss that long copper coil that spirals from the ceiling, finishing with a flourish as a faucet.  Find it at the self serve counter. This functional art that actually dispenses drinking water.

It actually reminds me of of an oversized telephone cord, where you might send a message in a trajectory out to the universe. And if I could, I’d pick up the phone.

I wouldn’t dial anywhere exotic, just make a call home. This is what I would say: Hello East Van, look how far you have come.

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
Artsy water dispenser. Just behind, bar stool seating and a large communal table.

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews
Morning view of Maple Street


Name of coffee: Pallet Coffee Roasters’ Papua New Guinea Kunjin

Origin: Papua New Guinea

Location of roaster: Vancouver, B.C.

Price: $3.80

Brewing method: Hario V60 pour over

Roaster’s tasting notes: “Sweet green grapes, with peanuts, lime and smooth cocoa.”

Mike’s comments: “Earthy, fruity and light. A sweet finish.”

Pallet Coffee Kitsilano Vancouver Barista best coffee in Vancouver best cafes best coffee shop reviews

Best moments:

  • Bright and light Kits-oriented design. Airy with lots of seating indoors and outside.
  • Consistent with their other locations, you have a choice of Pallet coffees to try, including some new ones.
  • A good selection of food that’s freshly made; you won’t go hungry here.
  • Friendly and laid back service.

Low moments:

  • No lows. Excited to see what’s coming next as they keep getting better.

Coffee: 4.25/5

Service: 4.75/5

Ambience: 4.75/5

Seating availability: 5/5


FROM Author: Shirley & Mike Wong

Review of Pallet Coffee (Kitsilano): Our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee


Read any most-livable city list and Vancouver is near the top, and for good reason. Between its breathtaking panoramas, copious green spaces, efficient public transportation, and excellent social safety net, it’s a city with few equals. But if you ask us, the real reason to live in Vancouver is the great coffee shops. One of its best cafés also happen to be one of its newest: Nemesis Coffee in Gastown.

Just a stone’s throw from Vancouver Harbour, Gastown is one of Vancouver’s most popular neighborhoods, and no stranger to third wave coffee.  Many of the city’s best coffee shops are only a block away, but in a few short months Nemesis has already earned a loyal following. When we visited there was a non-stop queue, which the baristas handled with seasoned grace, not flinching in either drink quality or customer service.

nemesis cafe vancouver

Nemesis features a rotating cast of European and Canadian coffee roasters. An impressive selection of single origin espresso is pulled with triple Mythos grinders and a Synesso MVP espresso machine. Filter coffees are exclusively brewed by-the-cup, but ample staffing and smooth workflow means you won’t have to wait long.

vancouver cafe

When I visited I opted to try an espresso roasted by Denmark’s La Cabra and a pour-over from Finca El Vergel, Colombia roasted by Berlin’s Five Elephant. The espresso was punchy and sweet while the pour-over was more tea-like, with a juiciness that became more pronounced as it cooled. Not one to drink that much caffeine on an empty stomach, I also ordered Nemesis’s heirloom grits, which came with a poached egg, greens, and sautéed shiitake mushrooms. The dish was perfectly seasoned and beautifully plated. Not only does it rank amongst the best coffee shop food I’ve eaten, it was some of the best food I ate my entire week in the Pacific Northwest

In a city with no short supply of excellent coffee shops, Nemesis has quickly cemented a reputation as one of its best. If more cities had a café like Nemesis, they might just make one of those lists as well.

You can visit Nemesis Cafe at
302 W Hastings St (Gastown) Vancouver, BC
[click here for map]

Musette Caffe Review

musette cafe

Musette Caffe is truly one of Canada’s top cafes.  They serve the finest beverages and the finest pastries.  In addition they serve delicious lunches and salads.  They cater to the everyday cyclist and will provide bike locks for outdoor parking and a security camera that can be viewed from inside. In addition, there will be room for 8-10 bike inside the cafe. They plan on serving 49th Parallel coffee which is a great choice. Plus they make the best homemade power bars, traditional sandwiches, and sweet goodies.

And if that is not enough, they have big TV Screens that will show all the cycling races throughout the year. Their moto is MUSETTE CAFE REVIEWWe Eat and Drink to Ride!.  Located in the Vancouver West End on Burrard Street, near Pacific.

The staff is very knowledgeable about coffee and their bikes. The entire cafe is inspired by cycling and bikes. Different “musettes” adorn the walls and other bike memorabilia. Still, this place is great for non-velo-afficionados as well. The coffee is top notch, the ambiance is great and the food is all made/baked in-house. The scone had a pretty interesting flavor, cheddar furikake? Whatever it was, it was delicious. I usually get black drip coffee as this place does it extremely well. This place also boasts free WiFi and even a kiddie table for your young ones, equipped with toys and coloring books. All in all, best coffee in the area without the usual pretentious coffee snob vibe.

Review of Cafe Medina in Vancouver BC


Echoes of Yotam Ottolenghi (who was recently in Vancouver). He thrilled London and then the world with his vibrant, rustic, colourful Middle Eastern dishes and with his three runaway best selling cookbooks. Fans also note that Ottolenghi is Jewish and his business partner, Sami Tamimi is Palestinian — an inspiring backstory.
While Medina Cafe isn’t quite the global sensation, it’s a superstar in the Vancouver breakfast, brunch and lunch scene. Witness the patient people in waiting over an hour for a seat on the weekends. I suggest you go in, put your name down, ask how long the wait is, run some errands or go for a walk. (You’ll be ‘next up’ if you missed your turn in line.) Another thing, if you’re meeting people, you won’t get seated until you’re all there — seats are too precious to keep warm for late arrivals.)
Like Ottolenghi’s delis and restaurants, Medina embraces Middle Eastern flavours and owner Robbie Kane is Jewish and his wife is Lebanese. Her name is Medina, like the café, a coincidence that began their romance. She went into the Medina on Beatty St. (before it moved to Richards St. in August) because of the name. “She said she’d never run across anything with her name on it,” says Kane. “ She came back the next week on my day off and I was in the café because my barista didn’t show up; I came in to fire him.” They hit it off and seven years later, they’re ever grateful that the name Medina was chosen over Revel or Gypsy or Cul Sec (or ‘dry bum’, a French tavern term, meaning ‘bottoms up’) which were also considered. And the missing-in-action barista should be thanked, too.

Medina was previously co-owned by Kane and the owners of Chambar. When Chambar relocated two doors away, Kane took over the business and moved to Richards St.; the new location is much bigger but the lineups are longer in the busy downtown spot. When the food is unique and bold and rustic, served in clay pottery and cast iron pans, it’s worth the wait. Inside, the place seems to rock from morning to closing in late afternoon. If Kane is on the floor, it will be literal. “When I’m there, I change the music to classic rock. When it’s rocking, you can tell I’m there.” ‘Medina’ is spelled out in distressed lettering on one wall and antique pieces give the impression this room has been around a long time. (It’s a relatively new building.)


Kane has hired executive chef Jonathan Chovancek (Bittered Sling Extracts, Kale & Nori Culinary Arts, former chef at King Pacific Lodge and Culinary Capers) who tweaked and added to the menu started by the Chambar’s Nico Schuermans. The tagine with two poached eggs, spiced chicken, Merguez lamb sausage, chickpeas, veg stew, olives, preserved lemon is still on the menu but about half the menu is Chovancek’s.
His fricassee champignon (fried eggs, sherry roasted mushrooms, roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, greens, apple wood smoked cheddar, grilled focaccia) is the top seller and anyone with a hearty appetite can appreciate why.

medina-fricaseeThe paella ($14) isn’t a rice dish. It’s done with orzo, the grain-like pasta. A poached egg, chorizo, veg, Grana Padano and avocado and tomato salad made for a yummy lunch; it’s because of popular demand for orzo but I prefer rice. Harissa pain plat has layers of grilled pita, beef, Manchego cheese, tomato salsa with a fried egg, spiced hummus and greens.
La Sante ($13) isn’t as sensual as many of the braised, stewed, roasted dishes — one soft boiled egg, a tomato salad, avocado and big blasts of flavour from olive tapenade and Oyama charcuteri

The Liege waffles with the caramelized pearl sugar ($3.15 and $1 for one of the nine sweet and savoury toppings) are abc1still on the menu; the yeast dough isn’t made in house because they couldn’t keep up. The waffle maker is a 100-pound job, heavy enough to hold down rising yeasted dough.

If you order Le Peameal, an in-house bacon and egg sandwich with caramelized lemon aioli, mustard vinaigrette and greens on grilled ciabatta, a dollar of the $12 price goes to Mealshare, an organization which helps feed people in need. It adds up to about $600 a month.
You can also do side orders like mascarpone and black pepper honey, lamb sausage, baba ganoush and quinoa tabbouleh.
For dessert, there’s Earnest ice cream (cardamom) and waffles with toppings like peach and bourbon, salted caramel, and blueberry sumac juniper preserve.


CAFE MEDINA. 780 Richards St., 604-879-3114.
Open 8 to 3 weekdays; 9 to 3 weekends and holidays.


LE MARCHÉ ST. GEORGE Cafe in Vancouver

The intimate setting suggests Le Marché St. George is a place for slow-paced activities like knitting and watching leaves turn. And the simple pursuit of enjoying your milky latte from an oversized gilded bowl or devouring a smoked salmon quiche, oysters and wine remind us that these are the gentle, unhurried luxuries of life.

A potter by trade, owner Janaki Larsen and partner Pascal Roy curate the store in a way that creates a mildly French ambiance (Roy is from Montreal) inspired by the Mediterranean and a rustic, homemade sensibility.

All this, and the delightful display of creamy white ceramics made by Larsen, woven aprons, tins of imported sardines and dried flowers with the stream of locals popping in and out, beautifully captures the loveliness of Le Marché St. George’s community and the quotidian life.

Le Marché St. George Vancouver
E 28th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5V, Canada
+1 604-565-5107



Marisel is Melting Butter’s Assistant Food Editor. She’s also a baker, social media strategist and restaurant habitué living in New York City by way of Panama, Hawaii and Japan. She spent her childhood eating patacones (fried smashed plantains), tripe, sashimi and all sorts of noodles. Follow her on Instagram for all things food at @breadbutternyc

Now open: Buro Coffee in Gastown in Vancouver, BC


A brand spanking new café has just opened up in Gastown. Located at the intersection where Water, Cordova, and Richards Streets meet, Buro Coffee is a welcome addition to the this ever-expanding neighbourhood.

Affiliated with the Coffee Bar franchise, Buro Coffee serves a range of quality caffeinated beverages, which are all made using coffee beans from Vancouver’s 49th Parallel. Espresso based drinks include cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, Americanos, and more.

Non-caffeinated drinks include a variety of loose leaf teas, spicy chai lattes, and creamy London Fogs.

Along with their drinks menu, Buro Coffee also offers patrons a variety of freshly baked goods, sandwiches, and wraps. While the majority of products are made-in-house, the gluten-free goods sold are brought in from an outside bakery.

Buro Coffee promises to be a tasty and convenient spot in Gastown to grab a cup of coffee either on the go or in-house. The café’s clean, bright space (the sun generously filters through the large street facing windows), is the perfect spot to enjoy a hot beverage and watch the world go by.

Currently Buro Coffee is operating under their “soft opening” hours, which are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, as of Monday 7, the corner café will start running under their regular hours of 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday, and 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday.

Buro Coffee

Address: 365 Water Street
Phone: 604-915-6744

buro coffee GASTOWN buro coffee GASTOWN buro coffee GASTOWN buro coffee GASTOWN

Revolver Cafe Vancouver receives 4 out 5 stars

Revolver Cafe in Vancouver has a real selection of coffee, really cute and funny baristas wearing various shades of solid coloured dress shirts. Everyone seems knowledged about their coffees. Great environment and good latte.

However they have a terrible internet connection and poor quality.

It’s clear why this is so popular, we were happy to have missed the line up for Revolver, they make each coffee with so much care, its obvious the wait can get hefty!Detail-oriented shop with ethical & fair-trade coffee brewed fresh-to-order, plus baked goods.

Address: 325 Cambie St,
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7  [ MAP ]

Delany’s Coffee in Vancouver. 2015 CAFE WINNER

In the winter of 1993, we tested our concept on the streets of Vancouver, working out of a small roadside kiosk that was no more than 200 square feet. We made and served coffee by day and did our baking at night.  The opportunity to take a great space on Denman Street became available, and we risked it all – we put our family home on the line with the bank and began this journey. After four years of working the store day and night , we felt we had the recipe and the experience to open up our second store in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver. We experienced great success in our own neighbourhood and subsequently opened our Dundarave store in 1999, Park Royal Village in 2005, and our most recent store, Lynn Valley Village in 2008.
 We are a family business, and always have been.  All three of our sons grew up working in the business, and two of them are still involved today.  In addition, Robin’s sister Bitsy is the manager at our Edgemont Village location. Our vision is to be an integral part of the communities in which we do business. We work hard to be your neighbourhood coffeehouse and gathering place. 
Delany’s Locations
 Each Delany’s location is positioned in a village-like area because we love being at he heart of our community. You’ll find each Delany’s has its own unique personality and decor, unlike many other franchise or “chain” coffee shops. Most of our stores are additionally characterized by photographs and/or art from
locals in our community. We hope you find each store unique yet welcoming with that inviting “Delany’s charm”.
English Bay, Denman Street is my favorite

The very first of our locations, Delany’s on Denman has been serving the finest coffee to Vancouver’s West End community since September, 1993. We focus on great coffee, and great service, which has helped us to become a neighbourhood fixture – a busy destination whenever the city congregates in English Bay. Even our customers who have moved across town – or across the country – make a point of “coming home” to Delany’s, where they can always find a familiar face and a warm greeting. While the landscape of the coffee industry has transformed since our inception in 1993, Delany’s on Denman has kept pace with the times, offering the best of what a good cup of coffee is all

1105 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC, 604-662-3344, Wireless internet available!

Store Hours:
Monday – Friday: 6am to 8pm
Saturday: 6:30am to 8:30pm
Sunday: 6:30am to 8:30pm 




49th Parallel Cafe Review

49th Parallel Coffee in Vancouver, BC claims to be an elegant cafe but when we walked into their 4th avenue location in Kitsilano we heard horrible music. Even the owner Vince Piccolo agreed and gave us 20 dollars. However the manager named BARRETT JONES who is a rock and roll worshiper or just hates when middle-eastern men win began harassing and intimidating the customer.  He even attacked the customers only means of income and posted the customers business on a spam site.  He even slandered and threatened the customer with posting the customers picture at many cafes. This customer is a very good citizen and has helped 1000s of homeless.
Please do not give your business to
49th Parallel Coffee in Vancouver, BC
Call 604 420 4901 and voice your concerns
And Vince Piccolo should be ashamed for allowing an Internet Troll to harass a good-citizen.  I am very close to filing a Notice of Civil Claim and an Injunction

In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion

Buzz Cafe receives 5 out of 5 stars

Buzz Cafe is located in beautiful Yaletown which is in beautiful Vancouver.  Even before I walked in I was full of awe as a saw the outside architecture which is designed like a warm cosy brick house.Then when you walk in and see the huge windows and the two floor cafe you will agree that you have walked in the best cafe in Vancouver.

I don’t know where to start.  The high-quality beverages and high quality breakfasts or lunches which are homemade and priced right.  Or should I start with describing the art gallery that is upstairs where you can sit on chairs or couches and enjoy your tea or latte or meal.  The furnishings are elegant and majestic.  I don’t think I need to say more.

buzzcafevancouver2 buzzcafevancouver buzz cafe vancouver
 901 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B